Black Tea

A fully oxidized tea, black tea is produced in many Asian countries, including India, Sri Lanka, and China. Much of the world’s black tea is grown for the tea bag industry, and it is often mixed with other types of teas to make blends.

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Being one of the most favoured tea in the world, black tea even beats green tea at the game of general preference. It is the best tea to start a day with, for it gives the drinker a huge boost of energy. A lot of times, mornings can be lazy, slow and irritable, which require a quick caffeine fix for the early bird. A caffeinated brew, like black tea, can recharge and refresh the drinker’s system, peeping them with high energy to go by their entire day smoothly. Furthermore, black tea leaves offer an array of benefits to its drinker, apart from its energizing wake up call. Rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, it helps reinstate the body’s systems to function at optimum levels. Similarly, those who are trying to cut down on coffee can opt for black tea. Unlike coffee, black tea does not give the drinker jittery sensations. Instead, black tea releases the caffeine slowly into the system, making the energy last longer.

What are black tea leaves?
Although originally from China, the Camellia sinensis plant is responsible for the production of all types of tea. In India, however, another variation of the plant, known as Camellia sinensis assamica, is the source plant for all the teas that come out of the Assam region of India. The tea is christened after its dark amber brown colour and strong taste with hints of musk and smoked wood. Black tea leaves are hand plucked, then dried and withered to help discharge any moisture in them. Then, these leaves are rolled, either manually or with the help of machines. These leaves, once thoroughly oxidised, are grouped on the basis of their leaf size, and then given a grade. Though a cup of black tea has only half of the amount of caffeine that is found in coffee, it is still one of the best preferred beverages on the planet.

Benefits of Black Tea leaves
When it comes to tea consumption, Black tea is one of the best teas to be consumed daily. Loaded with antioxidants, black tea offers its drinkers not only the goodness of caffeine, but also all the other benefits that come with the natural nature of tea. Black tea has been known not only as a leisure beverage but also a medicinal beverage. It helps improve the body’s immunity, while also aiding in fending off from various forms of bacterial and viral infections. Just like green tea, black tea also has diuretic properties, making it an amazing detox beverage for the body. Furthermore, black tea has stress relieving properties, which make it an amazingly calming beverage. A cup of black tea can easily help the drinker focus better on the task at hand.

Buy Black Tea Online
Buying black tea online can be a tricky task. However, it is very important to know that whichever seller you buy your tea from is authentic and genuine, for it is easy to get scammed with a bad quality product online. Teafloor is a certified seller of fine quality black tea leaves, sourced directly from the gardens and tea estates of India. All the leaves are carefully examined by our master blenders to make sure that the quality served is the best. We also offer black tea from different regions in various flavours. Being the elixir of early mornings and slow days, Teafloor offers black tea at amazing rates and the highest quality.

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