Gks Mustard Oil 500Ml

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Benefits Of Mustard Oil?

The health benefits of mustard oil are multiple. It is known to cure diseases and problems related to the heart, skin, joints, muscles, and so much more. Following are some of the well-known benefits of this wonder oil.

1. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

Research suggests that mustard oil has strong cancer-fighting properties. It contains ample amounts of linolenic acid, which when converted to omega-3 fatty acid, helps prevent stomach and colon cancers.

A study by South Dakota University proves the same. They tested the efficacy of mustard, corn, and fish oils on rats affected by colon cancer. Mustard oil was found to be more effective in preventing colon cancer than fish oil

2. Is A Natural Stimulant

Mustard oil is a very powerful natural stimulant. It improves digestion and appetite by stimulating digestive juices and bile in the liver and spleen.

When massaged into the skin, it also stimulates our circulatory system and sweat glands. This ensures improved blood circulation throughout the body and enlarged skin pores through sweating.

This diaphoretic ability of mustard oil results in lowered body temperature and removal of toxins from the body.

3. Stimulates Sensation In The Muscles

Feeling numbness in your muscles?

Just massage some mustard oil on the affected area, and you will slowly start gaining some sensation in your muscles.

4.Eases Joint Pain And Arthritis

Regularly massaging mustard oil on the skin works amazingly well in curing joint aches and arthritis by increasing blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

Mustard oil also contains large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which act as an anti-inflammatory to ease joint stiffness and pain associated with arthritis


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