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11 Jasmine Oil Uses & Benefits

1. Depression and Anxiety Relief

Many studies have found improvements in mood and sleep after using jasmine oil either as an aromatherapy treatment or topically on the skin, as well as it being a way to boost energy levels. Results demonstrate that jasmine oil has a stimulating/activating effect of the brain and also helps improve mood at the same time.

A study published in Natural Product Communications found that jasmine oil used on the skin over an eight-week period helped participants feel an improvement in their moods and a decrease in both physical and emotional signs of low energy.

2. Increase Arousal

Compared with a placebo, jasmine oil caused significant increases of physical signs of arousal — such as breathing rate, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure — in a study done on healthy adult women. Subjects in the jasmine oil group also rated themselves as more alert and more vigorous than subjects in the control group. The study results indicate that jasmine oil can increase autonomic arousal activity and help elevate mood at the same time.

3. Improve Immunity and Fight Infections

Jasmine oil is believed to have antiviral, antibiotic and antifungal properties that make it effective for boosting immunity and fighting illness. In fact, jasmine oil has been used as a folk medicine treatment for fighting hepatitis, various internal infections, plus respiratory and skin disorders for hundreds of years in Thailand, China and other Asian countries. In vitro and in vivo animal studies show that oleuropein, a secoiridoid glycoside found in jasmine oil, is one of the oil’s primary active ingredients that can fight harmful infections and increase immune function.

Jasmine oil has also specifically been shown to have antimicrobial activity towards the bacteria that causes staph infections and the fungus that causes candida.

Inhaling jasmine oil, either directly or by infusing it in your home, can help clear mucus and bacteria within the nasal passages and respiratory symptom. Applying it to your skin can also reduce inflammation, redness, pain and speed up time needed to heal wounds.

4. Help with Falling Sleep

Feel like you’re always tired but have trouble getting good sleep? Jasmine oil exhibits a calming effect that can act as a natural sedative and help you sleep better.

A study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that jasmine tea odor had sedative effects on both autonomic nerve activity and mood states. Inhaling jasmine along with lavender helped reduce heart rate and bring on feelings of calm and relaxation, which are all important for dosing off and avoiding restless nights. (7)

To diffuse jasmine oil in your home, combine several drops in a diffuser along with other soothing oils, like lavender oil or frankincense oil.

5. Decrease Symptoms of Menopause

Using jasmine oil either as an aromatherapy treatment or applying it directly to the skin can help decrease emotional and physical symptoms of menopause and work as a natural remedy for menopause relief.

In a study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, when menopausal women applied jasmine oil to their skin over an eight-week period, they showed improvements in energy levels, mood and menopause-related symptoms, including hot flashes, pain and depression, compared to women who weren’t using jasmine oil. (8)

6. Prevent or Improve PMS Symptoms

Studies show that jasmine oil is among a group of essential oils that help balance hormone levels by acting as phytoestrogens, plant constituents with a phenolic structure similar to estrogen. This gives therapeutic-grade oils, including jasmine oil, the ability to help correct PMS, menopause and other hormone-related issues.

For example, after testing women for 11 common symptoms related to hormone fluctuations — including insomnia, nervousness, weakness and headaches — researchers found that aromatherapy and massage with phytoestrogen oils helped decrease symptoms without causing any negative side effects.

Massaging jasmine oil onto your skin or inhaling it can help to reduce PMS symptoms, including headaches, stomach cramps, acne and other skin flair-ups or restlessness.

7. Help with Post-Pregnancy Symptoms

Jasmine is known to help ease postpartum symptoms, including anxiety, depression, muscle pain and low energy, which isn’t surprising based on jasmine research.

A 2013 study published in the Journal of Health Research tested the mood-lifting effects of jasmine oil on 20 healthy volunteers and found an improvement in brainwave actives that help regulate mood. Jasmine oil was inhaled by all the study participants, and then central nervous system function and mood responses were tested. Participants had electrodes placed on their heads and also filled out personal questionnaires.

Compared to the electrode and test results prior to inhaling jasmine oil, the results after using jasmine oil showed a significant improvement in cognitive-emotional responses. Researchers observed improved levels of activity in beta wave power in the anterior center and the left posterior regions of the brain, which help control emotions and stress responses. Participants reported feeling an increase in positive thoughts and feelings — including a reduction in stress but a renewed feeling of being more active, awake and romantic.

It also been used traditionally to increase production of breast milk. Additionally, applying jasmine oil to the skin may help decrease signs of stretch marks and prevent scarring.

8. Boost Concentration

Jasmine oil is scientifically known for its stimulating and arousing properties. Diffusing jasmine oil or rubbing it onto your skin can help wake you up and boost energy. Its active ingredients have been shown to increase heart rate, body temperature and brain activity that are needed for active learning and problem solving.

Forty healthy human subjects who were exposed to jasmine aroma felt more attentive, more energetic and less tranquilized than subjects in the control group. Also, these findings revealed a stimulating and activating effect and verified the use of jasmine absolute in aromatherapy.

Try adding some to your bath water or rubbing it onto your skin during a morning shower to help you get ready for your day. Have a test coming up or doing a presentation? Sniff some jasmine oil.

9. Promote Healthy Skin 

A scientific review titled “Commercial Essential Oils as Potential Antimicrobials to Treat Skin Diseases” published in 2017 features Jasminum officinale for its use in dermatology for general skin care, revitalization, dry skin, anti-aging, reducing inflammation, oily skin conditions and psoriasis.  Talk about some major jasmine oil benefits for face concerns!

Try mixing jasmine oil into your face cram, shower gel or body lotion to reduce blemishes, improve dryness, balance oily skin, prevent wrinkles and fine lines, and calm shaving irritation. Just make sure to first test your reaction to any essential oil by applying a small amount to a patch of skin in order to check for allergies.

Is jasmine oil good for your hair? Using jasmine oil for hair not only can result in your locks, it can also help to counter dryness and add shine, just like it does with your skin.

10. Create a Calming or Invigorating Massage Oil

Depending on what other oil it’s used with, jasmine oil can make a massage more on the uplifting or soothing side. Want an energizing massage? Try combining the floral oil with invigorating peppermint or rosemary oil plus a carrier oil of your choice.

Looking for a calming massage? Combine jasmine oil with lavender or geranium oil and a carrier oil. Jasmine oil can increase alertness and arousal when needed, but it can also have relaxing and pain-reducing effect that makes it a perfect massage oil. It has been used topically for centuries to reap its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

11. Serve as a Natural Mood-Lifting Perfume

As I mentioned earlier, studies have confirmed jasmine oil’s mood-lifting benefits. Instead of using expensive store-bought perfumes, try dabbing jasmine oil onto your wrists and neck as a natural, chemical-free fragrance.

Jasmine oil has a warm, flowery smell similar to many women’s perfumes. A little bit goes a long way, so only use one or two drops at first, and mix it with a carrier oil to tone down the strength of the smell if you’d like.


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