Gks Choti Arhard Powder 200Gm

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The plant bears flowers which are small, yellowish and grow on long white clusters. The fruits are 1-2 inch  long, oval and the back surface has 5 prominent stripes. The fruits which are plucked before seed formation are known as Harad. These are dark yellow. The fruits which are plucked when completely ripe are known as big Harad.

Every fruit has one seed. The plant sheds its leaves in February-March, gets flowers in April-May and fruit in winters. Ripe fruits are collected from January to April.

Where the plants are found?

Harad tree is found in hilly areas and forests up to heights of 5000 ft. Basically, it is found in lower Himalayan areas from Ravi banks to Western Bengal, Assam and in the forests of high land areas.

Chemical composition of Black Myrobalan:

The fruit has 24-32% tannin. In addition, 18 amino acids and small amounts of phosphoric, succinic, quininc and shikimik acids are present in it. As the fruits ripe, the quantity of tannin decreases and the amount of toxins increases. A yellow oil comes from the kernel of the seed. The tree also exudes a kind of gum.

According to Sushrat and Caraka Samhitas, Harad is of 7 types. At present, it is available in only 3 varieties which are the fruits of the same tree differing in age.


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