Gks Black Salt Powder

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Ever tried putting a pinch of black salt under your tongue to ward off the feeling of nausea? Or used it as a additive in your child’s honey-medicine dose? Be it a salad or pasta, adding black salt to a dish enhances its taste and flavor. But did you know that there are many less known benefits and uses of black salt? This healthier cousin of table salt is full of additional nutrients and minerals, thus making it an important part of our kitchen shelf.

Read on to know more about the different black salt benefits.

Indian black salt, extensively referred to as kala namak, is a variety of Indian volcanic stone salt. It is popular in India, Pakistan, and nations all across the world because of its twisted taste and easy availability. This special variety of salt has its origin in the Himalayan ranges and is used in Indian dishes for cooking and garnishing.

Due to the presence of iron and other minerals, the salt is pinkish gray in color. It contains a unique sulfurous component that is frequently compared to boiled egg yolks and is super healthy.

Other than providing a distinct flavor to dishes, black salt is popular for its health benefits as well as its capacity to store food. Its health benefits are countless, but the claims are highly sketchy since no scientific research has yet been conducted on this salt. It is often recommended for individuals with high blood pressure and for those on low-salt diets. The reason behind this is that it is low in sodium and doesn’t enhance the sodium level in your blood. It also relieves heartburn and intestinal gas. In short, it boosts your overall digestive system.

There as several other skin, health, and hair benefits of black salt that we have compiled in this article. Let’s take a look at them.


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